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Yothu Yindi hail from the Yolngu (Aboriginal) homelands on the north-east coast of Australia's Northern Territory, a country the Yolngu have occupied and protected for perhaps 40,000 years or more. The Yolngu members of the band celebrate their deep spiritual connections with the land, connections that are kept alive through song and dance and ceremony, public aspects of which are found within the band's recordings and live performances.

Download the Band Biography here (pdf)


I am Mandawuy Yunupingu. I am a crocodile man. I am also the song writer and lead singer with the band Yothu Yindi.


My name Yunupingu means a rock, a rock that stands against time. Fire is my clan symbol. Fire is my life force.

 Well, I am quite content of what I got already, you know. My riches is my heart. Where I come from. Cause the land, mother earth, the country, the people, the history, the religion, the song lines, everything like that, it is the riches that I've already inherited from my ancestors.